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YUTING is a premier industrial banknote counter and sorter manufacturer in China, established in 1994. Contact YUTING today to request a free quote or learn more about our innovative banknote handling solutions.
1+1 Pocket Banknote Sorter
  • 9100F : Basic type (Banknote discriminator)
  • 9100L : Basic type + Fitness sorter
  • 9100+ : Basic type + Fitness sorter + Tape detection
2+1 Pocket Banknote Sorter
  • 9200: Full fitness sorter
  • Color Dual CIS, Full Line TMR, Tape Detection
  • ATM Sort, Fitness Sort, Damage Sort
  • Customization on Appearance, package, etc.
  • OEM, ODM services available.
  • Specialized function and software.
Our features

Advantages of Yuting Sorter

Fitness Sort

Handle ATM fitness sorts of new, old, or circulating notes, taped, corner missing, holes, tears, folded, stains, soil, and graffiti. Our machines are built for robust performance in challenging scenarios.

Cash Data Management

Provides detailed cash processing data and track serial numbers, essential for banks and CITs to optimize their cash flow management and maintain accurate records for auditing and tracking.

Central Bank Testing

Our machines meet stringent international standards and have achieved ECB, RCB, and CE certifications. This ensures our equipment's reliability and fosters trust across diverse markets.

TMR Technology

Employs TMR magnetic pattern recognition sensors, to retrieve the embedded magnetic image on banknotes, one of the most advanced security features utilized by major currencies worldwide.

Multi-Currency Support

Designed for global commerce, our machines efficiently process up to 60 different currencies simultaneously, simplifying operations for multinational users.

Compact Design & UI

Feature flexible, modular designs that ensure easy customization and scalability. The user-friendly interface maximizes productivity, without compromising on functionality or performance.


Quick Question

Absolutely. Our banknote sorters are designed for robust performance in high-volume environments such as banks, retail chains, and financial institutions. They efficiently manage large batches of notes, ensuring fast and reliable sorting.

Our sorters utilize sophisticated imaging technologies, including RGB, IR, and UV imaging, as well as IR transmission imaging. Additionally, our machines incorporate Magnetic and Magnetic Thread detection using TMR technology, as well as Fitness Sorting, handling a wide variety of banknote conditions—ranging from new to old and circulating notes. They effectively process notes with physical imperfections such as taped, tears, folds, stains, and graffiti, ensuring only genuine and fit banknotes are circulated.

YUTING provides comprehensive technical support, including software updates, hardware maintenance, and spare parts supply. Our team is available to ensure your sorter operates efficiently and continues to meet your business needs.

Yes, all YUTING banknote sorters come with a 1-year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Specific warranty details, including duration and coverage, are provided with the purchase of each machine.

Yes, we offer customization options through our OEM and ODM services. Whether you need specific features or adaptations for your operational environment, our engineers can tailor our sorters to meet your exact requirements. For more detailed information or if you have further questions, please contact our customer service team.

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