Yutingxianfa, a leading manufacturer of banknote counting and sorting machines, participated as an exhibitor at the GITEX Technology Week 2023, held from December 16 to 20 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The company displayed its innovative banknote counting and sorting machine, which features high-speed, high-accuracy, and high-security performance.

The company also introduced its newly released single pocket counter HT-3200, which is a compact and portable device that can count and verify banknotes of various currencies. The single pocket counter is ideal for small businesses, retail shops, and personal use.

Yutingxianfa received positive feedback from many visitors, including industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and distributors, who were impressed by the company’s product design, structure, and solution in fitness sorting. The company also established valuable connections and partnerships with potential customers and collaborators from different regions and sectors.

Yutingxianfa’s team expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with the outcome of the event, and thanked everyone who visited their booth and supported their vision. The company stated that it will continue to innovate and deliver high-quality products and services to the global market.

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